Important Info & Policies

Please read the policies in full before placing an order.

Placing an order with us confirms that you have read and understand these policies.

Keep scrolling to learn about cake pick-ups, refunds, cancellations, designs & allergy warnings! We do our best to help you understand the ordering & scheduling process -it can be long but the end result is always worth it! Any questions can be e-mailed to

Please Note: We do not allot time during holiday weekends/days to take custom orders for future occasions. During these weekends/days we have our staff fully dedicated to helping last minute walk-in customers and filling the excess of custom orders for whatever holiday we may be celebrating. We do hope you understand and plan accordingly! Thank you! 


We need at least a week's notice for Custom Cake Orders. Sometimes we can accommodate extra cakes into the schedule, please don't hesitate to ask! All orders placed with less than 7 working days notice are subject to a Rush Fee to be determined by the designer. We appreciate you planning in advance! 

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Allergy Information

The Cake Diner is not a nut free-facility. While we do our best to accommodate any orders for our nut-free friends, we warn that there is always a chance for cross contamination. We use the same ovens, tables, utensils, and work spaces that tree nuts and peanuts are located/worked with. We do take precautions but we advise you use your best judgment based on how severe the allergy may be. 

The Cake Diner is not a gluten free, dairy free, or vegan establishment. While we do go that extra mile to make our yummy treats available for our allergy-cautious diners, we cannot guarantee that there hasn’t been cross contamination. As stated above, we do not have a separate work area for these items -we are simply extra careful in baking your sweets! 


Designing Your Cake


Cake decorators and pastry chefs, while all very talented, all have different decorating techniques. That is because each decorator/team member has their own unique touch added to each product. Please understand that exact replicas of cakes are not a specialty of ours -each cake is it’s own unique masterpiece. 

We typically ask our customers to provide a few pictures of cakes they like so that we may get an idea of what they’re looking for. From there we choose design elements from each cake and build something specific for each event/theme. 

When a custom order is placed, an agreement is made that says you are comfortable giving our decorators the artistic freedom required to create your special cake. These same parameters apply for any custom cupcake orders as well. 


If you are looking to place an order for a cake with an edible image on it, the image must be provided to The Cake Diner staff via e-mail at

You may opt to bring in the image. If you do so, we advise not to bring in the original and to instead make us a copy (frosting & glitter is everywhere, nothing is ever 100% safe).

Unfortunately, we can not remove watermarks. Please be sure to zoom in enough to know if there are lines/words over the image you send us. If the integrity/cake design is compromised by the quality of the image provided, we will choose a different but similar image for your cake. 

The largest size image we can print at this time is 7.5 x 9. 

COLORS (matching & color changes explained):

If you are looking for a specific color to be matched, we require you to bring us a color swatch in person. Even with this swatch, a 100% match is never guaranteed as frosting takes on color differently than other materials -we do our best! 

We are not able to “match” colors to any image sent in an E-mail, FB message, or any color described over the phone. This is because colors are subjective, each person sees and understands colors differently. Your cake will be as close to the color we see as we can get, we assure you! 

If you are looking to place an order for a cake with a dark background color, we typically advise against this. While it is do-able, we warn of the following: 

While the frosting stiffens in the fridge so your cake is stable for transport, the colors get even darker, sometimes even looking black (navy, dark purple). They also streak and look runny. Because of this, we cannot 100 % guarantee the dark shades to be exactly the color you would like. We also warn of the party guests’ mouth’s being stained for quite some time. Overall, we recommend choosing a lighter color background (white or ivory) and using darker accents instead. We do have the option of covering your cake in fondant as an alternative but that incurs an additional cost separate from the traditional buttercream. 


If you are bringing in a cake topper or figurines we ask that you bring them to us at least two days before you intend on picking up the cake. This insures we get a picture of your cake COMPLETELY FINISHED before you pick it up. It insures we have the time it takes to add the perfect touches -rushing at the last minute is never something we want for your cake! Fresh flowers need to be brought in upon time of pick-up. 


Pick-Ups & Deliveries



Please make sure your vehicle is appropriately prepared! If you’re picking up a 2 or 3 tiered cake, it is almost guaranteed that you will not have a box that closes. Because of this we recommend cleaning out your car. Make sure there is no animal hair/dust/sand present and that you have a flat surface to put the cake on. 


Hold the box from the bottom and not from the sides. 

In order to get the cake off the table and into your hands, we recommend sliding the cake towards you and slowly sliding your hands under the box to support the weight.

If you press your hands into the side of the box for grip it is likely that you will ruin the frosting on the sides or cause the cake board  to flex/ripple the sides of the frosting. 

Once the cake has been secured on a flat surface in your vehicle, you’re good to go! 

If you choose to send someone other than yourself /someone who was present during placing your cake order we understand that you have given them permission to accept the on the cake on your behalf and that you have expressed to them our store policies. It is also understood that this party is knowledgable about what the cake should look like and will be able to tell if it is what was ordered.

Once the cake leaves The Cake Diner, refunds/credits will only be given with consideration to cake flavor and filling. Sufficient documentation and 80% of the product must be brought back to us in order to receive a refund. Please see our Refund Policy below for additional information.


The flat rate for local deliveries is $50. That rate is subject to change based on day of the week, time, order size, & set-up requirements, etc. Delivery is available anywhere in South Shore Massachusetts, Cape Cod, or Rhode Island. While we typically do not do deliveries for events that are not Weddings, some exceptions can be made and we try our best to accommodate -just ask us! 

It is required that you give us an exact address of the venue that you would like us to deliver to. While there may only be one “Easton Country Club” in MA, we still need to know that they’re located at 265 Purchase Street in Easton -you just never know how wrong some things can go and being unfamiliar with an area can be very stressful for our drivers! 

Upon delivery, we ask that someone be on site to confirm the cake arrives in good condition and has a table to go on/ walk-in cooler readily available. 

We do not advise delivering the cake more than an hour before the event is going to begin. With that being said, if the cake isn’t being served until 11 PM and your party starts at 2 PM, it is very highly recommended that you keep the cake in a fridge on site and take it out closer to the serving time. The Cake Diner is not responsible for any cake casualties that occur once we leave the venue. 


Storing & Cutting Your Cake


Once you pick up the cake, we suggest refrigeration as the best route to go. Not only will this make the cake easier to cut and serve, it will insure that the frostings, fillings, and any decor added will not melt. With this being said, an overly moist refrigerator will cause the cake to melt and/or bleed colors. The same will occur if the cake is switched between warm and cold areas. Please also take care to remove any items with strong smells that may be absorbed into the cake. 

We recommend calling and asking the dimensions of your tiered cake if you plan to pick up the cake a day early and store it in your refrigerator -looks can be deceiving and you could be getting a lot larger or smaller cake than you realize! When you take the cake out of the fridge to serve, take it out of the box and take a picture of it before you begin cutting/serving. Send it to us/tag us for a chance to be posted on our Instagram! 


If you have a tiered cake we suggest starting from the top. Some people prefer un-tiering the cake before cutting, some people just go for it top to bottom! Many factors will contribute to how nicely your tiered cake will cut (temperature, filling, etc.). There will be dowels underneath and pushed through the top tier that you will need to remove before you are able to serve the cake (usually upon looking closely enough you can see where they are).

Taller cakes (3 layers+) will more than likely fall over 1/2 way through cutting. Because of this, we recommend having a plate nearby to "catch it" or leaning the cake over onto the board if you plan on only eating half. 


Payments, Cancellations, & Refunds

PAYMENT POLICY: (Cash, Check, or Credit Accepted; Credit incurs 4% Surcharge) 

For all orders, we require at least a 50 % deposit. 

The remaining 50% needs to be paid at least 7 working days before the order. 

25% of your deposit is non-refundable (even if you cancel the order.)

We are closed Sunday and Monday -please plan accordingly as these are not "working" days for us. All dates are subject to booking early -the only way to guarantee your order a spot in our schedule is to make 50% payment as soon as possible. 

Cancellation Policy: 

Less than 3 Days Notice will result in a cancellation fee. We will issue the remainder of your paid balance back to you in the form of a store credit. Please don't hesitate to call and ask us about last minute cancellations -sometimes we can re-sell or repurpose your order so nobody has to lose money! 


If you need to make changes to your cake, they must be made within 4 days notice. Change requests cannot be guaranteed after 4 days and are only accommodated if it fits into our scheduled availability. Any request to change the design or size of the cake must be made in person or over the phone -NOT E-Mail or FB Message. 


The Cake Diner does not offer refunds for our products. Any problems/discrepancies with a product after it has left our store must be documented with photos or brought back to us 80 % in tact THAT DAY so we can assess the situation. Store credits will not be given without the above proof. Store credits and refunds will not be discussed with anyone who did not personally order the cake. 

Note: A mistake is not that you simply did not like the way something tasted or looked. A mistake is a deviation from the order specifications as listed above or a serious flaw with product consistency. Please let us know if there are any serious inconsistencies in our products from day to day -the more we know the more we can grow!